It was Paradise--Until nightmares and horror reigned.
The whole world had gone bonkers. Two friends try to keep each other grounded by writing lettters to each other during World War II. They found a common ground, a way to keep each other sane in an insane world. 

From mundane chores to life threatening events, these letters from two pen pals take the reader on a ourney into the past,a past where nightmares came true , and when hatred reigned. A time in history that we should never forget.

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The search for treasure and hidden family secrets is one way  to stoke the flames of passion.


Jamie Parker thrives on solving puzzles, finding treasures, and searching for hidden secrets. When Cameron Wright asks her to translate ancestral documents, she has no idea the Wright's had a trunk full of devastating and personal haunts from the past.

Joining forces, the two ignite a hunger for treasure and find it's not the gold in their pockets that matter, but the gold in their hearts.


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Falling in love was not on her to-do list.

Left in debt after the help of the Grandmothers Four ,she'd finally gotten everyting under control. She was happy and more comfortable than she'd been in years. When Carol's son, Eric Elliott, agreed to help renovate the guest house, mysterious began to happen. The dashing and handsome man held a bowl full of secrets, and she was going to get to the bottom of it. What could possibly go wrong?


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What's a time traveling Texas Ranger supposed to do?


Trouble is brewing and her name is Margarite, an unrelenting force determined to get his attention. A story of timeless love, the power of healing, and the embracing need to never give up. Unforgettable--moments and unforgettable chararcters tug at your heartstrings with a myriad of emotions. Garrett's Ghost is a tourching story brimming with down-homeTexas charm.


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Discover how exciting it is to travel back in time.


The Wilderness Series has it all. Romance,war, intrigue, betrayal, and the unquenchable hope for a better tomorrow. From book one, Dr. Karen Anderson discovers the magical bed that transports her family to the past, to the Lakota Indians , to her son Matthew's search for his fate, and book five with Karen's youngest daughter Jennifer, who doesn't know what she wants, but still manages to find her happily-ever-after.


All five full-length stories in one fantastic Ebook Box Set

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She's stubborn. She's feisty. She's determined. She's awalking disaster...o fall in love


A marvelous and fantastic journey, enjoy little known history crafted with original,brilliant unforgettable momtnts, unforgettable characters, and an unforgettable adventure that will keep you shaking your head.


Karen Standing Deer's daughter, Jennifer knows exactly what she wants--to fall in love and marry a Native American just like her father and brother. Everyone else is immediately dismissed. Her friends and family keep telling her, the one you want could be right in of her face.


Unfortunately, like watching a bolt of lightening hit the ground, there's nothing that can be done about it. She  has the uncanny knack of choosing the wrong man, every time.


Traveling to the past, with the belief that her one true love can't be found this side of the millenium, she refuses to learnthat she  doesn't have to go back  to the past to find the one--she just nneds to go back to the past to find her path.


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Readers will find themselves gripping the pages of their books in anticipation of what comes next.


In this timeless, richly embroidered journey, return to the extraordinary time and placein this vivid, powerful, historical battle tht comes alive with heat-pounding accuraracy in the Wilderness series, book 4, Warriors of the Wilderness.


Sixteen years ago, Matthew Standing Deer's father was killed in the Little Big Horn battle. He has returned to the past, to the Lakota, to visit with family and friends. All was going well untiol Matthew arrived at the reservation and all hell broke loose. Death and darkness surround him and the Lakota. Will Matthew survive the tragedy of Wounded Knee; only to watch the end of an era for the home of the braves?


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Love is the silver lining in a cloud of woe. The legacy continues...


A grand adventure where the pages practiacally turn themselves. The Wilderness time travel series contiues weaving exquisite intrigue and timeless passion. Fire-fighter and paramedic, Matthew Standing Deer son of Standing Deer and Karen Anderson, seeks his path in the untamed world of the Lakota Nation only to find himself hurtled into danger, uncontrollaable greed, and searching for a serial killer. The twists and turns of destiny spirit him to the wild and dangerous Great Plains and the crush of reality for a love he can never have. Danger looms over everyone's head. How can he be with his one troe love when all he can do is fight to survive?


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The time-travel saga contiues with book 2.


Amagnigicent timeless adventure that tugs at the heart, wighs the soul, and measures the human strength and spirit. The Wildernes time travel series continues with this historically detailed story of love, war, and fantastic adventure.


Dr. Karen Anderson returns to the past, to the Lakota and her life with Standing Deer. The Little Big Horn Battle-- Custer's Last Stand looms, ending a lifestyle the People have always known. Over the span of time, they fight for freedom and the promise of tomorrow.


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Stories that stie within us the unquenchable hope for a better tomorrow.


Pamela Ackerson delivers all the passion that fans of this Native american, historical, time travel series have come to love. With unforgettable characters, she has enchanted readers with adventure and love that has spanned across the essence of time.


This is the story that started it all, introducing the Wilderness time travel series, a timeless spellbinding novel of passion and richly detailed history that delightfully comes alive in an exhilerating adventure with a love story that spans across the ages.


The mysteriuos dreams had become a reality. Traveling through time, Dr. Karen Anderson found herself in the land of the Lakota, in the midst of the Indian wars, and the movement west. Swept into the arms of the dark-haired warrior, Standing Deer, from her modrn-day hustle and bustle to the temporary serenity of life on the Plains...over the span of time, they fight for yesterday and together find the promise of tomorrow.


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The Cedar Ridge Hills Time Travel Series

From award-winning, bestselling author Pamela Ackerson, a new time travel adventure has begun.

A mysterious ivory fan, a surprise marriage, and the suspicion a witch was among them…

In the great house of Cedar Ridge, secrets whispered along the corridors and hidden crevices. The morning sunlight upon the walls of the museum cast a deceiving appearance of serenity. There were those who wouldn’t know gentle repose, who must be denied peace, because the walls within harbored dangerous and frightening secrets.

The residents of Locke Bay were aware of a stranger in their midst. A woman whose presence was felt by all. Many would soon be aware of her presence and the mystery surrounding her.

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No peace could be found; the walls within harbored dangerous and frightening secrets

A mysterious ivory fan, a forced marriage, and a vengeful witch was among them threatened those who sought repose in the great house of Cedar Ridge. Danger and deception whispered along the corridors and hidden crevices. The sunlight upon the walls of the museum cast a deceiving appearance of serenity.

From award-winning, bestselling author Pamela Ackerson, the Cedar Ridge Museum time travel series continues.   

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Tomorrow was a promise of hope and second chances…

Janet Nelson looked in the mirror and all she saw was a broken and cracked reflection. When did everything go so wrong?

She went from a pretty cushy life to a harrowing gut-wrenching devastation called survival. Buried in despair she couldn't let go of the little spark that kept her moving forward believing that hope was within reach.

Janet was determined make it through, because...she was a fighter, a survivor. An incredible story of inner, personal struggles and courage.

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Stories that stir the unquenchable hope for a better tomorrow! 

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The Wilderness Series

Native American Time Travel

PI Time Travel Series


Historical Sweet Romance Dear Margaret,

Time Travel    Historical     Contemporary 

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